My name is Christopher Camacho.

I am a Software engineer by profession. I am also deaf with a cochlear implant.

I started this website in 2014. My intention was to think of solutions to all the problems our society faces. It was mostly for my own fun. I am not a researcher nor a journalist. Nor am I even a web designer, but I wrote a computer program that generates the HTML from loaded files containing the articles.

I have based my articles on newspaper and book readings. For instance, one of original pages was an article on housing which I wrote in 2014. After having written it, I became acutely aware that there is absolutely no desire from any government to fix our housing issues. All too often government policy is not based on facts as it should be.

We have since had Brexit. Again, most decision making has been based on ideology, not facts. It looks as though this is going to have catastrophic effects on the economy.

We need to question the way we are governed.

In difficult times, in periods of rising inequality, we see lots of new ideologies sprouting up. In the late 19th century, it was the communists, anarchists and nihilists amongst others. Now we see for instance the “libertarian” movement which doesn’t look terribly different from the anarchist and nihilists to me and sums up to this: “things are not working. Let’s scrap everything.”.

With Brexit, it is obvious our institutions are not working properly any more. With the rise of China, it is probably time we started questioning democracy as we know it. For a long time, we believed democracy was the only way to attain a high standard of living. Chinese expansionism disproves this argumentation.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not suggesting democracy should go. I am just saying we need to fine tune it and improve it to make it properly functional again.

In any case, can a country that has allowed lies and deceit to be spread on an industrial scale really call itself a democracy?

We are only divided because of lies, because different groups of people are given different sets of “facts”.

There are lots of problems with Brexit. Our politicians are doing very little about it. Covid has been rather badly handled too.

Too often, I am seeing single issues being put forward like badly needed electoral reform. I see petitions on government website. I wrote such a petition myself about newspaper owners not being able to use any tax avoidance schemes whatsoever. Petition team rendered my petition incomprehensible to most people by wording it as “Require UK newspaper owners to be domiciled in the UK”. Similarly, there is another petition “Create a new independent statutory regulator for all UK News Media” which is for an extremely valid cause. It is not getting many signatures because most people are not fully aware of our media problems. The root problem with Brexit is the lies and dishonesty spread mainly through the media. If that were not the case, people would be very happy with Brexit now we have left the EU.

In any case, there is a flaw in our approach to solving our country’s problems. We are asking most people to understand the problem, which is asking way too much.

There is no arrogance on my part in this statement. I have an MSc in Mathematics of non linear models. I am not stupid. Yet, I could not expect myself to be aware of every important issue our country faces. Clearly our electoral system needs replacing. What is the best system? I do not know. I say leave that to experts to make that decision.

When we buy a car, we trust the engineers to have designed it well. Our equivalent approach concerning changing the working of our institutions is to go through all the technical details of the car and make sure a majority agrees on any change before going ahead with it. If we built cars the way we deal with reforming our institutions, we would still be using horses and carts.

We have to go real: the UK is one of very few countries that has not undergone a change of regime in the 20th century. We should be planing for that. The task is monumental.

I would suggest the creation of a political party entirely dedicated to reform. We need to get constitutional experts to design such a system. We need to place adequate firewalls to protect us from abuse by authoritarian leaders. Democracy goes hand in hand with a free press that informs the public. We need to review our notions of freedom of speech to adapts these to the internet age.

Maybe we should stop moaning and look at this as an opportunity to devise the most advanced system in the World? We have a chance to put in place changes that could not possibly have been done otherwise without Brexit. Maybe we could adapt the start up mindset, but for a country instead of for a company or business?

I would suggest a centre right political party very focused on promoting investment in industry and education and training. Before we can significantly increase health spending for instance, we need to have the revenues. Right now, we have an economy that tries to attract the very wealthy and encourages tax avoidance for the few. People did not vote Brexit for nothing.

I would be very happy to offer this site as a think tank for such a project.