There. That is it.

We now have a full blown phoney civil war.

Not only are leavers fighting amongst each other but remainders are too.

I have always found it strange that you have this situation in a civil war, but there you are.

I am not in favour of a second referendum and at this stage, I would like Brexit to go ahead.

I will explain below my logic.

Brexit was always doomed. If it goes ahead, Brexiteers are politically annihilated. If it doesn't, Brexiteers will stay in place and be a thorn.

The only way this country will be united again is if the entire Brexit reasoning is defeated.

Let us face it, the EU is nothing more, nothing less than a tightly coupled trade deal. Leaving it makes no sense whatsoever. It is far from perfect, but we are far better with it than without.

Brexiteers have blamed the EU just like the Nazis blamed the Jews. Easy scapegoats. Utterly inexcusable, despicable behaviour.

The reality is that there are lots of things wrong with Great Britain. Back in 2013, I published this site in an attempt to offer solutions but realize I am completely helpless. I am a Software Engineer, not a politician. In any case, politicians are part of the problem. An MP will do absolutely everything not to offend her or his constituents and will avoid stating facts.

Let us go real: this country needs profound, fundamental reform. This needs to be done by experts with a high level of moral integrity. Back in the 19th Century, Great Britain had together with the US probably the most advanced system of governance in the World. The World has moved on. Britain has stayed static or even regressed.

We could all sit comfortably on a chair and do nothing. Things could go downhill much more quickly than expected. I have read the Wiki article on Albrecht Haushofer and the poem at bottom is an inspiring reason why we should do something. This is an emergency. This is an issue of national security.

Remainders tend to despise leavers, but the resentments of leavers are not baseless. We should be united. We should be united against lies.

I will enumerate below some of the grievances I understand leavers have. This is my perception, and more work could be done in understanding these.

How to achieve these goals and more would need a revolution done democratically through peaceful means and following existing electoral rules. A completely new system would be put in place, inspired on Germany’s, but even better. I also believe the monarchy should be abolished. No doubt people like to keep traditions, but the monarchy is dated and based on privileges and servitude. It is expensive with no benefits. Not even tourism. People come to Britain to see British places and British way of life, not to see the Queen. We will preserve more of our traditions by modernising ourselves.

Our national defence is in a shocking state. We are building a 65000 tonnes aircraft carrier and do not have adequate means to effectively protect this warship. We don’t even build tanks any more. Our entire defence is riddled with wastage of taxpayer’s money. We need a proper defence. This will safeguard us from foreign attacks and aggression.

We have other big issues far more important than leaving the EU. We have problems with global warming and pollution. We need to tackle disposal of plastic. We will achieve this by cooperating with our EU partners, not by cutting ourselves off.

The referendum should be declared illegal. The campaigning was dishonest. Both sides played project fear. It should have been informative and educational. We have different rules with every referendum we have. The leave side has been convicted of overspending and in spite of that, result is still allowed to stand. My opinion is nothing is above the law, not even the law itself. If existing rules are proven to be inadequate, then these should be declared void. In a referendum, you should only be allowed to state facts, not future speculative predictions and certainly not crude lies. If a breach is observed, adequate extremely hash punitive measures should be implemented.

We also have an issue with the press. It is instrumental we have a free press in a healthy democracy. However, the press can abuse that freedom. Our tabloids have played an important role in Brexit by misreporting and distorting the EU over a long period of time. Some papers have incited hatred. Surely we need different regulations? Surely we need rules that encourage honest, informative and educational reporting and discourage scaremongering?

I would advocate the creation of a political party with a manifesto that stands for just what I have spoken about. I would be very interested in talking to people with similar ideals to mine. We are only going to reverse Brexit by rallying leavers to our cause. From this point, this country will be united again. To parodize a well know phrase, we need to be tough on Brexit, tough on the causes of Brexit.

This would be a civil uprising movement implemented through democratic means. The politicians have let us down badly and we need to boot these out and implement these reforms ourselves.

Now may be the time to propose badly needed reforms that would not have had a chance to be implemented pre 23th June 2016.

Notes: 19/12/2018: According to opinion poll in Evening Standard, a significant majority now supports a second referendum and a significant majority supports remain - 56% to 44%. If this is accurate, I agree a second referendum should take place. A majority of 12 points can hardly be called divisive. Our prime minister has an easy way out of her trouble and is extremely foolish and irresponsible not to jump at the opportunity of having this 2nd referendum.