Let us recapitulate.

As I have repeated ad nauseam, it is not so much Brexit I am fighting. I am fighting lies.

Like so many other people, I am extremely angry about this. Like so many other people, I have made my little hollow initiatives like my articles on this website that nobody reads.

That is a shame.

I cannot count the number of people whose career has been seriously impacted by Brexit. Myself like so many others have wasted huge amounts of time.

I am not even talking about the huge financial loss here, nor about UK loss of influence.

Let us face it: the EU has been made a scapegoat for everything wrong with this country. There are loads and loads of things wrong. This country shall remain divided unless we tackle these.

I created this website in 2013 as an attempt to offer solutions to these problems, but realise I am helpless and have neither the knowledge nor the abilities for doing this single handedly. No one does, but there are all sorts of experts in specific fields around.

I have come to the conclusion that the roots of those problems are poor governance and political bribes. Our institutions are in urgent need of reform. We live in an egocracy where ego is the most important character trait and not knowledge, common sense, honesty and loyalty.

There has been small progress. Following the 1997 Labour general election victory, the Bank of England has become independent. Scotland has its own parliament since 1999.

We have also had drawbacks. In 2011, there was the alternative vote referendum. Voters were apathetic and rejected it. No one really bothered explaining properly the benefits of this referendum.

In any case, any other such similar initiative taken on its own will have the sour flavour of just another patch on a system that has been patched up again and again.

Nevertheless, we should see the endless Brexit talks and impasse as an opportunity to put in place reforms that could not have been done otherwise. Part of the political class has made such a fool of itself that in all probability a large number of voters will seriously question our institutions.

We need to recruit constitutional experts to reform not just our voting system, but how our political parties are funded, rules for MPs, etc… It is an absurdity that Boris Johnson has been able to lie so crudely and get away with it with complete impunity.

Rules of press freedom need changing. It is absolutely instrumental that a democracy has a free press. However, such a press should report facts, not fibs and lies. Furthermore, when a press is controlled by wealthy media barons with their own vested interests, such a press is not really free.

We keep being told of the need for government spending cuts and austerity. However, the amount of wealth in private hands is huge and higher now in the UK than at any time since 19141. Tax collection in UK has deteriorated to a shocking extent2. We need to reform HMRC. The advice and research work of people like Thomas Piketty or Stefanie Stantcheva might be of some help here.

It seems to me best solution would be to design and write a complete package of reforms and put these forward to voters to be approved by a single referendum, rather than have lots of referendums. The appetite for change should be greater now than we have had for a very long time in past.

We would of course need to rewrite rules for referendums: no lies allowed for instance.

I beseech our remain politicians to not just promote remain, but to candidly state what this country really needs. Only when we have offered solutions shall this country be united again.

Should this be required, I will gladly surrender my website to the cause.


1. Le capital au XXIe siècle Thomas Piketty ISBN 9 782021 082289: In French, but has been translated. p204 top “Graphique 3.5”

2. The Great Tax Robbery Richard Brooks ISBN 9 781851 689354