We regard ourselves as intelligent beings, but it is truly astounding how Homo Sapiens Sapiens will always look for an easy scapegoat when in trouble.

Many people voted leave because they felt leaving the EU would solve Britain’s problems.

I, a Remainer like millions of others realize this is a fallacy. We resisted this. Unfortunately, our politicians have made a complete mess of the situation. Boris Johnson played on the opposition with childish ease. All opinion polls were showing Labour in great difficulty before the election was even called and this should have been delayed until after a second referendum.

Unfortunately, parliament hesitated and procrastinated and now we have Johnson and his right wing cronies in power for 5 years. There is nothing we can do to stop Brexit.

It is not all negative: it will soon become clear to most people Brexit is a very bad idea. Boris Johnson has lied, but his lies will catch up with him.

We have a very biased pro Conservative media but even factoring that in, the opposition has been a disaster. We all knew Jeremy Corbyn was a liability, but Jo Swinson has been a disappointment most striking by her immaturity. The Liberal Democrats made it a binary thing leave/remain, without offering solutions. Worst, they exacerbated the situation by making unilaterally revoking article 50 part of their policy if elected. At no moment did they propose proper solutions to the concerns of leavers. I am a member of the Liberal Democrats. The emails I get from them are empty, hollow, written in baby language, trying to please everyone, with no substance or real project. You feel you are living in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

We can do several things now. One of these is to work at rejoining the EU. Another is a much bigger project: start a new political party whose sole purpose is reform of our institutions. We will rejoin EU too, but reform is a bigger priority now I feel.

There has been a lot of criticism about our first past the post system. That is only part of the problem. Our Prime Minister has lied outrageously. We need to put in place rules so this doesn’t happen in future. If you look into the details of how our institutions and parliament operate, you soon realize there are loads and loads of things wrong.

It is strange: in sports, like football and Formula 1, there are lots and lots of rules. If a player or team breaks these, the penalties are very heavy. In British politics, there are fewer rules, less strict and when broken, you only get a small fine. This is an absurdity, since politics have far much more effect on our lives than sport does. With good institutions, the average household in Britain will be thousands of pounds better off after a decade or two.

I have proposed a project here. I think it would be great if we started with something like that underground. We are not going to get help from the Conservatives. I believe a lot of work has already been done in that area. It is putting together a team of volunteers that will pose some difficulty.

The way the media is operating is also a scandal. We need to review our press and media freedom. Our press is not really really free anyway since it is controlled by media moguls with their own vested interests. A democracy needs free and honest media in order to function properly. Without it, forget it. We live in a democracy. You think? When a large number of people have been manipulated and misinformed, that is not a democracy. There are 2 kinds of dictatorships: one where you are not allowed to vote and the other where you are told you must make a particular choice.

This is a huge project, but we also have got 5 years to do it.

It is extremely difficult for a new political party to establish itself in our first past the post system. However, our current political mess is a unique opportunity for doing something we would not have had the remotest chance of doing otherwise. I very much hope this strikes a chord to many people. Our current leaders have absolutely no overall vision for the future whatsoever, at least not a realistic vision.

I would suggest starting to get ourselves known in traditionally poor, Conservative areas: Cornwall and West of England, Norfolk/Suffolk. I believe Labour will retake many seats they lost at next election. I think it is also imperative we preserve the Union so we will need to campaign strongly in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.